The Compassion Project Team... a voluntary civic organization dedicated to quickly creating more compassionate leaders worldwide. Supporting leaders to consistently take action through compassion is imperative in our rapidly evolving world. Imagine leaders in every part of the world connecting their heads with their hearts and making decisions with compassion. Joining The Compassion Project Team will help you create that now. Together we can change what was, into what could be!

The Compassion Project Team achieves this by delivering to world leaders a simple tool they can actually use. Thousands of pocket size cards containing the Compassion Exercise are being delivered to leaders all around the world. The Compassion Exercise is a fast, effective and proven vehicle to produce an actual experience of compassion. Top leaders in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Scotland, France, Israel, Great Britain, Wales and Ireland to name a few have received Compassion Cards to use and share with colleagues.

The Compassion Project Team can help you take action to advance compassionate leadership. Simply by contributing funds to The Compassion Project Team, by recommending others to receive compassion cards and information, or by ordering cards to distribute yourself, you take a step closer to improving the world. In return you also connect to a group of people with the common goal of creating a better world for all and knowledge you have taken positive action toward that goal. You will also get updates about this exciting project and can get your own Compassion Exercise to use in your life.

All donations by contributors are dedicated 100% to printing and distributing Compassion cards to world leaders.

Decide to make a difference now by joining our team!