Where we came from

The Compassion Project...

was launched on October 22, 2009. Harry Palmer, President of Star's Edge International, outlined a simple plan to improve the conditions of the world.

"Let's increase the amount of compassion on the planet by placing one million Compassion Cards into the hands of strangers," said Palmer.

The Challenge...

...One million Compassion cards given to strangers by October 17, 2010. This goal was far surpassed. By October 2011 two million Compassion cards had been distributed in 72 countries. The third million are currently being distributed worldwide.

The Compassion card carries a copy of the Compassion Exercise. Positive results from doing the Compassion Exercise have been experienced by over 100,000 graduates of the Avatar Course.

The Compassion card has been translated into twenty one languages and offers five steps that anyone can take to create and experience more compassion. The Compassion Project is a gift to people around the world. It is a proven way to create peace on earth - one person at a time.

For more information on the Compassion Project visit http://theavatarcourse.com/compassion.

Where we are headed

As the Compassion Project moves ahead towards the three million mark and beyond, passing the Compassion Exercise from one person to another, a new and exciting opportunity to rapidly increase compassion evolved.

Earth's Compassion Team is a voluntary civic organization designed to quickly create more compassionate leadership on earth. Managed by Star's Edge International, Inc. and funded partially by your contributions which are 100% dedicated to printing and distributing Compassion cards to world leaders. 

  In early 2011 we began delivering packages of 50 Compassion cards each to world leaders. Included is an offer use the cards themselves and share them with colleagues. Over 215,000 Compassion cards have been delivered by Compassion Project Team to top leaders in 14 countries. The response has been very positive and encouraging. The goal is to have this exercise in the hands of every leader in the world. There is more to do. Together we can create the synergy to make it happen.

By contributing you team up to raise these numbers and make this a reality soon! Imagine how the decisions leaders make might change, if they were made from a compassionate heart. It is a goal worth achieving. Giving busy leaders Compassion cards, so they may quickly experience compassion is a powerful first step.

Helping leaders as they guide us is compassionate and just makes sense!

As a contributor your benefits include;

  • A clear action you can take to improve leadership and make a powerful difference in the world.
  • Knowing that your contribution has put 50 Compassion cards in the hands of one or more world leaders.
  • A free download of the Compassion Exercise to use in your life.
  • Updates about what the Team is doing to spread compassion.
  • A way to recommend others to get information about Compassion Project Team and their own Compassion exercise. 

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