In early 2011 we began delivering packages of 50 Compassion cards each to world leaders. Included is an offer to use the cards themselves and share them with colleagues. Over 267,000 Compassion cards have been delivered by Compassion Project Team to top leaders in 12 countries. The response has been very positive and encouraging. The goal is to have this exercise in the hands of every leader in the world. There is more to do. Together we can create the synergy to make it happen.

By contributing you team up to raise these numbers and make this a reality soon! Imagine how the decisions leaders make might change, if they were made from a compassionate heart. It is a goal worth achieving. Giving busy leaders Compassion cards, so they may quickly experience compassion is a powerful first step.

Helping leaders as they guide us is compassionate and just makes sense!

As a contributor your benefits include;

  • A clear action you can take to improve leadership and make a powerful difference in the world.
  • Knowing that your contribution has put 50 Compassion cards in the hands of one or more world leaders.
  • A free download of the Compassion Exercise to use in your life.
  • Updates about what the Team is doing to spread compassion.
  • A way to recommend others to get information about Compassion Project Team and their own Compassion exercise. 


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