From a citizen appreciating compassion.

Recently, a friend of mine’s husband had to have surgery and both of his legs were amputated. He and his wife lost their home to Hurricane Katrina. They are now living in an elevated Katrina cottage.

When I was told about the surgery, I called Rep. Hank Zuber and he started making calls to seek some assistance for them. They needed a lift installed before he was discharged from the hospital.

I also called Mayor Connie Moran to see if there was something that could be done to help make their home handicap accessible. She also made calls to see what could be done.

To say that these two public officials were a blessing is putting it mildly.In several weeks the lift was installed. My friend’s husband is home and very happy. Both are thankful.

Thank you, Mr. Zuber and Mayor Moran for a job well done. Both of you said that you were only doing your job, but I feel taxpayers need to be aware of what compassionate officials we have working for us.