Perhaps recognizing the power of compassion will help those with power to recognize compassion!

Compassion should drive military's rescue role.

Excerpt from an article by ALEXIA HUXLEY in the Canberra Times.

"A new report by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, More than good deeds, suggests a new vision for the military's role in disaster relief. Rather than simply supporting a civilian aid effort where it's needed and with a focus on saving lives, the institute's report suggests that military disaster relief should be seen as 'part of a smart power approach to foreign policy'. The report says Australia, the United States and Japan should embrace their defence forces' involvement in disaster relief as a tool for building strategic alliances, demonstrating military might and advancing foreign policy and security interests in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond."

Perhaps recognizing the power of compassion, one of the results of the Compassion Exercise Card, will help those with power to recognize and value compassion!