Compassion Project Update

We're pleased to announce that we have printed 3,039,080 Compassion Cards and they are now available in 26 languages. The Compassion Project was launched in October of 2009 with a goal of distributing 1 million cards in the next year. We met that goal in a few months and kept going.

The cards carry the Compassion Exercise which is a simple yet profound way for people to create more compassion in their lives. By giving Compassion Cards to strangers, people are creating connection while working to improve the world.

Celebrate this milestone, order Compassion Cards, watch the launch video, and send an e-card to a friend -

The Compassion Project Team is taking action to increase compassion in our leaders worldwide. Imagine leaders in every part of the world connecting their heads with their hearts and making decisions with compassion. That's the mission of The Compassion Project Team - a voluntary civic organization dedicated to quickly creating more compassionate leaders worldwide.

The Compassion Project Team is not associated with any religion or non-profit. Supported by donations from people around the world and Star's Edge International the team has delivered more than 267,000 Compassion Cards to the hands of top leaders around the world.

Join our team, donate time and funds, spread the word!