A Modest Plan For Changing The World


Altamonte Springs, Florida (PRWEB) March 30, 2011 — Inspiring the leaders of the world to act with more compassion is a challenging and worthwhile goal shared by millions of people around the world. Compassion Project Team not only shares this goal, they have a workable plan and are taking action to improve the world.

According to Harry Palmer, President of Star’s Edge International, "It’s not enough to wish things were better in the world, you need to take meaningful action. We’ve had great success sharing Compassion Cards from person to person. Now it’s time we take it to the next level and share them with the leaders of the world. That’s why we formed Compassion Project Team." 

A Compassion Card is a small card containing the Compassion Exercise, a simple and powerful exercise that creates compassion. Compassion Project Team sends packets of 50 Compassion Cards to world leaders with the intention of influencing them to act with more compassion.

“In the course of history, there are many examples of small actions that have proven to be pivotal in world events,” said Palmer. “Our office has received story after story of people applying the Compassion Exercise and, within minutes, experiencing a marked change in perspective. The most common experience is that the Compassion Exercise quickly dissolves anger and stress. We can think of nothing more important right now than encouraging our leaders to act with less stress and anger, and more compassion.”

CompCard-1Over 166,000 Compassion Cards have been delivered to top leaders in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Scotland, Israel, Great Britain, Wales and Ireland have received Compassion Cards to use and share with colleagues. Plans are in place for projects that will reach leaders in many other countries.

In its third printing, The Compassion Card has been translated into twenty-one languages including English, Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Arabic, Urdu.

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